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May 11, 2018 | Karen ChungHYREBea Di VinciHar Leen

It’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! At least it is in the US… BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE I AM BUT LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT IT.

You can take the girl out of MTL but you can’t take the MTL out of the girl. As some of you might know if you follow me on social media, I am a co-founder and co-curator of the new Lux Magna festival, which had its inaugural edition this past January (and we’re already excited for the next one!). As an artist, curating was a dream, because not only do I have the quantity of artist friends to choose from, but I had the quality and diversity to match. Here are some of the standout performances you missed at Lux Magna:
Karen Chung, a shy book lover with a soulful voice and her sweet ukulele (she can sing in two languages, and her songs vary from heartbreak to dairy products. Also her songs are certified BOPS and I need an album now! Check out my remix of her song “Heart Breaker”.)
HYRE, a friend-shaped rock-ballad bean who also works for Rock Camp for Girls and Gender Non-Conforming Youth. (They premiered an unnamed song on live radio and I was the one to baptize it, huehuehue)
Bea di Vinci, a.k.a. Renaissance Bae, a multimedia artist, poet, as well as activist, who has risen in the ranks in hip-hop battles, as well as the organized Rap Battles for Social Justice (recently having been honorably mentioned in Cult MTL’s Best of 2018 reader’s poll.)
Har Leen, a spoken word artist who actually made her festival debut at Lux Magna, but is always up to something in the community as an educator as well as contributor to the South Asian Women’s Community Centre. (She’s fun at parties. I’m not being quippy, I literally met her at my good friend’s wholesome birthday party.)

This month, do yourself a favor and honor the Asian women and queer folk in your life, especially the artists. As demonstrated by Hua Li climbing the ranks in the MTL hip-hop scene, they’ve got the fire to warm– and to burn. Careful which side you end up on 😉

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