Senshi Struggle

Sep. 04, 2014 | The Aile Reve team of Young Queens (cont’d)

In the game of life, the more checkpoints you accumulate, the harder the hurdles become. The harder the hurdles, the bigger the bosses. Sometimes you can’t defeat the boss right away, and you lose a life. Some don’t make it out of the game, and are forced to restart, or resort to quitting entirely. But resourceful, experienced, persistent gamers know that the game has its secrets. Not necessarily cheat codes, because what’s the point of getting the points or special items if you haven’t fully earned it? That’s a question of what you want out of your game, a question for another day…
The game is built with secret tunnels, 1UPs around every corner if you look closely enough, and of course, allies. In the game of life, some of us would rather play alone without a back seat player to tell us which is the right and wrong way, but some of us know that we have our allies to turn to in our darkest moments. Whether we only have one life left, whether we’re cornered by a boss and sent back to the beginning, whether we are just completely lost and stuck on a level, know that your team will get you to that checkpoint, and one after the other, you will see it’s no longer about the “GAME OVER”, but the “achievement unlocked”.

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