“Run, D.M.C.!”

Oct 16, 2017 | D. Mathieu CassendoRacines

I admittedly don’t remember when, or how, this person started showing up on my timeline. But I remember D. (read: “di”) always made a lot of clever, snarky comments on my friends’ posts. A marriage of academic language, meme faces and Quebecker slang caught my attention every time I saw her name show up in a comment section.

Then I learned she also draws comics and people.

I couldn’t tell right on the spot moment if I wanted to be her or court her. I know now that it doesn’t actually matter because she’s gonna continue being an awesome queer Black cartoonist with green hair regardless and senpai will never notice me.

You might just catch her (or at the very least her La Petite Suceuse books) at Librairie Racines, especially for their Heroes of Color Halloween Party, October 28!!

allo femme

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