No x New x Friends

Feb 14, 2015 | TshizimbaStrange FrootsAile Reve

If you couldn’t tell or recognize the reference, I’ve recently added an anime to my fanart repertoire .__.”

I don’t care what you think, the strongest bonds are forged over animated television.

So this V-Day, I’ve decided to shed light on the importance of your best friends. Often times we find that they’re the ones who irritate or hurt us the most, but it’s because you know each other better than anybody, which means you know who they are, who they aren’t, where their potential lies and what their true intentions are, which means sticking to your guns and working all the hard shit out, so as to move forward into a future as promising as such friendships should be.

“Everything x Alright” by MC/Beatmaker Tshizimba drops February 28th, but not before making an appearance at Strange Froots’ “Green Apple” music video launch February 20th at Les Bobards! If your curiousity has yet to be satisfied, here is the latest “Nice To Meet You” interview on Aile Reve, conducted by yours truly 😉

if you value your heart and your feelings do not watch Hunter x Hunter just don’t do it

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