Apr. 27, 2015 | Chocolate JungleHip Hop Karaoke MontrealStrange Froots

It’s been a while since MTL has been left with a karaoke-shaped void in its urban soul… but now everyone’s favorite nighttime sing-a-long event has returned with the city’s HOTTEST 90’s party!

Could it get any better??

Strange Froots is slated to perform so yes. Yes it can.

CHOCOLATE JUNGLE (in collaboration with HHKMTL and the Bust A Move Festival) is happening at Le Belmont, Friday May 1st at 10pm. Get your tickets NOW!

Here’s a preview of the sweet vibes to be expected 😉

CHOCOLATE JUNGLE – THE RETRO 90’s JAM INTRO from Full Course on Vimeo.

| “Frootjam” (2015)This ain’t your momma’s chocolate-dipped fruit recipe.NEW on AtTheNunnery: Strange Froots and Hip Hop Karaoke Montreal at Chocolate Jungle THIS FRIDAY!

Posted by Mags on Sunday, April 26, 2015

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