Frequently Asked Questions

What is “AtTheNunnery” about?

ATN is a series of comics revolving around a group of young adults living in a convent in Montreal. More about that here.

When does it update?

Every Wednesday unless mentioned otherwise or if it’s a holiday.

Do you have a ghostwriter? Who writes and draws ATN?

Magassy “Mags” Mbow, born August 30th 1992 in Silver Spring, MD. Now living in Montreal, QC, attending Concordia University as a Sociology major. I’m responsible for all the drawing. As for writing, it’s essentially all me with snippets thrown in or inspired by my peers.

How long has ATN been running?

Since Mid-November, 2010.

How do you make your comics?

I draw them all by hand, with a pencil and paper, not those fancy pads and tablets and doodads that I don’t need/can’t afford. Then once they’re scanned, I am not ashamed to say I use Picnik  PicMonkey to color it in.

Where did you learn how to draw?

… what? These things can be TAUGHT??

I’ve been drawing since I was old enough to watch cartoons and hold a crayon, so I guess 3? I haven’t been trained but I am constantly learning from all the cartoons I watch.

Where do you get your inspiration?

My style of drawing is pretty influenced by anime, but not too much. When I was a tot, my favorite cartoons were The Powerpuff Girls and Sailor Moon. As I grew older, I stayed closer to home with American shows like The Fairly Odd Parents or Regular Show, but now I’m slowly making my way back to anime with shows like Ouran High School Host Club and Black Butler, to name a few.

As for the material, I get inspired just by hanging out with my friends; they’re actually the ones who inspired the characters of ATN.

Is it 100% accurate, or  do you simply use bits and pieces of people’s personalities?

Nothing in my comics is ever really 100% accurate. The portrayals of my friends through ATN characters are pretty caricatural, and some of the situations they’re put in are based on things that HAVE happened, but which comics apply to that criteria is up to you to figure out for yourselves. 😉

How do your friends feel about your comics? Do you check with them before posting?

If anything they’re more enthusiastic about writing material than I am! Anytime I’m around to witness a debate or something funny, they immediately turn to me with a “Oh man, you should make a comic about this!”.

How often do you write?

Not too often, because usually ideas come to me very randomly, sometimes by the dozen. I don’t really write scripts until I start drawing, so I just make a list of scenarios knowing that by looking at it, I know exactly how I want certain comics to go.

How do you manage to have time to write?

I don’t need to “write” very much. Like I said, it’s pretty spontaneous. Drawing is the only thing that’s time-consuming, so I usually set aside some time for it on weekends, or after dinner (the noms help me concentrate).

What are your future plans for ATN?

1) Write 2 more sets: one full of comics based on people’s expectations of certain things and the hilarious and bizarre reality of them; the other about the year after they move out of the Nunnery (sequel + origin stories),

2) Get the first 100 published into a book,

3) Make some merchandise (calendars, t-shirts, etc.).

Who’s that Jon guy? He seems interesting…

Jon I know that’s you. Please go away.