Mags is the central character in ATN, as well as the butt of many jokes. And even though she’s not quite the leader, she certainly does leave a lasting impression on the friends she makes in this college dorm… run out of a convent. Go figure.
Having to deal with the crazy happenings in and around residence, she barely has time to keep up with things in her her own life… until of course, the two become nearly indiscernible.





You know that really obnoxious guy in your entourage? You know, the really sarcastic, presumptuous but slightly nerdy, borderline racist guy who will remind you he’s atheist at any given chance? No? Then I would suggest you stay clear of Akerman.
Self-proclaimed leader and Creative Writing major, Akerman is not afraid to speak the truth, even if it hurts, and after all where’s the fun in that if it doesn’t? But not all is lost; behind the judgmental stare-downs and all the politically incorrect puns lies a heart of gold. But tell anyone and he will shut you down with all his lanky might!




Always seen but almost never heard, Jon is one of the few sane people living in Rez… until you actually get to know him.
Although he may not always want to be around for the stupid things that his friends do (because he might a) get blamed, or b) get severely injured), he’s found a right-hand man in Mags to keep him grounded… which only means she will get to experience his OWN kind of anime-enthused, k-pop infused weirdness.





Pika is everyone’s favorite! She’s so small and innocent and just so darn adorable, she could do no wrong!

…Okay is she gone? Good.

Now. Pika is what you may define as “silent but deadly”. She doesn’t say much, and why would she? People are much too distracted by the fact that looks like a baby panda. She uses that to her advantage in getting her way OR getting away with things like, say, crimes against humanity; just don’t look into her eyes. And you’re probably wondering, “what’s a little kid like her doing in a college residence?”. She’s the oldest. Out of everyone. Just saying.



Kyle always has something to say, and someone is always there to shut him down.

You’ll find this guy running around somewhere with Akerman, partying  it up or causing mayhem, but MOSTLY in the midst of a very heated, nerdy game of Magic: The Gathering. If MTG were a plague, Kyle would be one of the biggest rats to have propagated it.






Jordan is very hard to miss with her height, hair and fashion sense. She has a cool demeanor, which will instantly disappear if you ask her to share her snacks with you.

She could regale you with tales from her sunny hometown in Bermuda, but she’s a bit occupied wondering how she’s gotten herself caught up in the frigid wackiness of Montreal.






Rob is the resident “Party Animal” and, more often than not, source of comic relief.

No one knows where he draws such energy to constantly keep up with the typical “college party lifestyle”, and no one dares question it. Although he has found himself in strange situations due to “too much partying” (in quotes… because is there really such a thing?), rest assured that he is just as human as the rest of us.





Melyse is one of the few people in Residence Mags can identify with (no, not because she’s one of the 8 Black people in a dorm that houses 200+). They both come from an Afro-Francophone background, so they often team up against native Quebecois speakers in the never-ending battle between Parisian French and Canadian French.

Along with Jordan and Mags, they form a kind of trio by convenience, because “sisters gotta stick together!”

That wasn’t a nun joke. Promise.

Also she never seems to wear pants…



Matae would be the resident gay if it weren’t for the fact that they live in the city of Montreal.

Other than the fact that he has a girlfriend named Martin, he’s no different from these guys: plays MTG, has an appreciation for Asian media, and has a need to voice his opinion. It’s almost like he has all of those guys inside of him.

…okay, wait…





Laetitia is the group’s little worrywart frenchie.

Despite being the only French girl from a French background who speaks French fluently, she ranks fairly low in the French Language War platoon (so I guess that makes Melyse the lieutenant?…)







Selin is very good company when she’s not on her phone.

She acts more as a spectator to her friends’ antics and would like to keep it that way. At least until she graduates. Oh hell, she just wants make it to next week!







Daphne… doesn’t actually live in Residence. She doesn’t even live in this province, let alone go to this university (insert obvious Mean Girls quote), but she’s still manage to integrate herself into a loving, dysfunctional surrogate family.

This girl is more than a face and bust (the two being her most advertised assets); for instance, she plays Magic. And likes it. Also she may or may not have a thing for Akerman (only God knows why)(“There is no God!!”)(…), and if it weren’t for him she wouldn’t be a constant visitor to the Nunnery all the way from Ottawa.




Her story is almost like a fairy tale:

She didn’t know a lot of people living in Residence, and spent most of her time in her room, until one day, a magical baby panda found her sitting by herself at lunch. She took Jess and exposed her to the wonderful, magical place, where she initially suffered from severe Aker-shock, but recovered quickly through MTG therapy and the warm embrace of its inhabitants.





Jinky loves everybody, has no problems with anyone or anything and is the wide-eyed sweetheart of the family.

She is the polar opposite of Akerman in many ways: He is the tall, loud-mouth, quasi-alcoholic snarky atheist guy, whereas she is the petite, devout Catholic, non-confrontational gal. So, naturally, Akerman must bring her downfall.






You could call him the Kumar to Jon’s Harold. Despite being one of the more intelligent residents, he’s perfectly content with cracking jokes about people’s face. Or using their faces as a comeback from an insult. Or just mentioning someone’s face in any way, shape or form.

When he isn’t trying (too hard) at being funny or worrying about his looks, he’s usually seen goofing off with his best friends Jon, Amandine and Emilien.





Emilien is one of Ayoub’s best friends, as well as one of the few French people in Mags’ circle (and I do mean French from France; none of that Quebecois silliness). His pass times include playing soccer, listening to rap, and defending the fact that he is not a ginger.

He’s as street smart as he is loyal, and can be very protective of his friends and family… when he isn’t teasing them to no end.





Amandine is Emilien’s younger sister. She moved to Montreal a year after her brother and his friends and now attends their school. Although she is only a year younger, she is often treated like child, and how could she not be? She so FREAKING cute! And the French accent doesn’t help her case.

She has assimilated this strange group of people as her new family, regarding Mags as the “mother hen” figure. Because she is prone to clumsiness, blonde moments and the occasional fumble between languages, everyone may be looking out for her, but she’s the one who carries everybody in her heart.



Laki is a student living in a “rival” residence, but is very much friends with Nunnery-dwellers. A common misconception – or misspelling rather – is found in his name, because most people who meet him the first time just call him Lucky, and rightfully so! He’s that guy in your circle with psychedelic posters in his room, whose favorite playlist consists of reggae, trance and ambient music, and has an array of odd conversation starters in his back pocket…


Although he occasionally gets lost in his own world, he’s quite harmless and very much grounded by his friends in the real world.

Ester (Coming Soon!)

Ester is a Hungarian socialite who is always on the go. Many things about her can lead one (read: “Akerman”) to believe that she is a walking, talking stereotype: a blonde hottie with a cute foreign accent who lives to go to the gym, shop and party. While all of these things may be true, she’s also a hopeless romantic, a good student prone to locking herself away to study, and a recovering narcissist.

Along with Mags, she looks after her best friend Amandine. Even though sometimes Ester tries to be the “cool parent” in whatever situation calls for it, she knows when to be responsible when it really matters.


Lyndsay is a serious ranch dressing enthusiast and a victim to chronic verbal diarrhea. Much like Akerman, she has a bit of a hard time censoring herself, but her slight spaciness and lack of condescension makes people react… differently.

Sometimes a bit slow to react, she’s much smarter than she likes to let on nonetheless. Her spirit animal is the slow loris.






Margaret is Jon’s friend from his home town. She’s been describe as exceptionally FOB*-y.

While she attends a rival university, she is always up for joining forces with Mags and all those who apply in messing with Jon.


*FOB: Fresh Off the Boat.