AtTheNunnery follows the trials, tribulations and overall shenanigans of a group of friends in their early 20’s, living in a co-ed college residence out of a convent. Based on the very real Grey Nun’s Residence owned by Concordia University, these characters cover issues like race, religion, love, and why little Asian girls that look like baby pandas should NEVER be trusted. A charming, but also hilarious read, people grow to love these hooligans, almost as if they really knew them. Strangely enough, you won’t see any sisters running around, but just imagine the look on their faces if they ever found out what was happening on the other end of the Nunnery…

The comic strip is fairly young, starting in November 2010, and is up to 75 strips, not including holiday strips, so there’s still enough time for you to catch up before the conclusion of its first volume in July! You’ll be able to find copies online through bookstores soon… so stick around or
go to to stay posted!

AtTheNunnery – College shenanigans in a convent. What else?


AtTheNunnery: Expectations vs. Reality is the second book in the ATN series. It covers everyday situations and general ideas, people’s expectations of them and the reality of them… maybe not your reality, though. This book not only covers and takes a twist on misconceptions, but it takes the readers back to the first day of our group’s life in Residence, and leading them through their lives after leaving the Nunnery, with a few new faces added into the mix!

Inspired by, Montreal dwellers and university students alike will find something to relate to in this new tome, debuting September 5th, 2012! So stick around or go to to stay posted!

AtTheNunnery – College shenanigans in a convent. What else?